Hacking: Custom Rails Assets Compressor

We came on issue:

In production environment we still want to make JavaScript not readable, and compressed into one file, but just for now I need it better suited for AirBrake debugging, so new lines are preserved, and white space too..

As we now as of Rails 3 it uses assets pipeline for doing magic with javascript. So what I had to do is to hack config/environments/production.rb a bit with this:

Above code still produces one big JavaScript file, but this time human can easily read it and see a line where possible JavaScript error occurs.
Instead of creating new compressor instance, one can do it via config option. But somehow I failed to use it properly

config.assets.js_compressor_options = {:except => [‘$super’]}

Basicly I found this idea from here: https://github.com/rails/rails/issues/2693

Doc on Uglifier gem options