This is how we do Single Page Apps

GameBoxed team has been talking for a while on what’s happening on our tech side.
Our fellows and me are sharing this experience to other communities.

Through last few months we’ve been talking to various communities:

  • Java devs via Confitura, Polish dev conference by devs for devs
  • SRUG (Silesian Ruby Users Group)
  • Eurucamp SPA workshop
  • and of course DRUG .. Most promiment Ruby User Group in whole PL

We do have a bit of experience doing software for customers. We did it in Java when it was still cool.
We did Python too.
Last few years we’ve focused on Rails. A funny & not well known fact is our team members talked to DHH way before he became a celebrity, in times where on JAOO he had just a few of listeners. How funny – later – all major platforms & frameworks were cloning the Rails style.
And currently our paths lean towards frontends more, so obviously we dig browser areas, and hence Javascript.

What is GameBoxed style and how it’s unique?

It’s a mix of few more-or-less known approaches in software and organization style that leads us to develop better software and have fun at the end of the day.

I will elaborate on few of those topics in the following mini series. So, today introducing on why important backend is left as the last one