Do you still use JavaScript?!

Do you use JavaScript and still write your CODE in Javascript?

There are 3 answers really..

  • “yes I code in JavaScript, I’m not aware of CoffeeScript yet..”
    …so now you know, go and try next answer
  • “yes I code in JavaScript, though I am aware of CoffeeScript”
    • … maybe you “fear of the unknown“? I was for few months and regret now. Do not hesitate and learn CoffeeScript now, try it, spike, really.. use it
    • or you think JavaScript is still better…
      do you?.. really? .. but are you sure?
      … good luck! Because it’s only luck that you need now
  • “no, JavaScript is unmaintainable, I love CoffeeScript”
    .. and that’s good…
    .. CoffeeScript code is clean and elegant ..
    .. you can at last do Object Oriented programming without hacks…
    .. your code is readable
    .. and hence prone to less bugs.. or bugs are easier to find..
    .. and you can run it in the browser the same way as plain old javascript..