On refactoring.. again :)

Am I a GOOD programmer when I write A LOT of CODE?No! I’m certainly not.

Tonight I found myself again very happy because I removed a lot of lines from my code. There was really a lot of redundancy in the code. And when the moment comes that I just CTRL+Y (IDEA‘s “delete line”) then I’m happy.
I’m really, really happy.

The first such moment in life was then when Andrew and I sat down in front of the hopeless app and thrown away a lot of generic code which just existed there. That was a custom database layer, and we changed it to another one, based on Prevayler. And during one afternoon we deleted a lot of someone’s else work – I remember that was more than 120 classes. Trash.

Tonight I did once more big refactoring. I didn’t deleted so many files this time, but removed a lot of redundancy in the code. And that’s really good.