Live ‘Presentation layer’ modification on XP client meeting

Agile way and live modification of “presentation layer”
on meeting with client..

My problem is, I develop software for librarian client. It is a library system (books, readers, lendings, etc..).

I try to adopt many XP characteristics; that is:

  • frequent client meetings
  • live code

First of all, the core system is already made. Requirements are based on few user stories, live talks with librarians and former library system (that needs to be exchanged into some modern software).

Let’s talk in detail about how I make user interface and how do I adopt it to librarian needs.
First, the technology used is Struts. The presentation layer consists of web pages written in Struts jsp’s format.
Second; when the core business system is done, then the only thing to do is to write presentation layer.

So what I actually did today is:

  • went to the client’s office
  • presented solution
  • got feedback
  • modifed presentation layer (WWW pages) immediately after feedback (at the meeting)

The last point is most important. In two hours working together with client (at client’s office) I did more than I could do alone at home.